Creative One Liners – A Contemporary Approach To Attract Customers

Marketing techniques have evolved over time, and today many companies have demonstrated new strategies to grab customers’ attention. There could have been a plethora of marketing strategies that came to mind. What, by the way, draws you? Have you ever heard of a clever one-liner?

The catchy content of the personalized touch is what makes the customers enthralled straight away and induces them to take action on the products and the services offered. In this hectic world, we use apps to make our lives easier, through which we receive creative notifications, and that’s how organizations convert their offers or deals into sales. To exemplify “Message from Soul mate,” the app users would have witnessed it or not; this is a push notification ad by Swiggy, an Indian food delivery service. The food lovers, working professionals, and many others who have installed this on their smart phones are amused by these one-liners.

Since this is the mobile era, the probability of converting the customer’s needs into sales could be high. Surprisingly, as per the statistics, the mobile users in the Asian market have touched above 80%, which may be an added advantage to the firm dealing with the one liner strategy.

The creative content which possibly acts a direct communication especially to the mind’s of the customers and leads to decision making. Not all will go for the transaction; only the category of people who have requirements will think about it.

The Advantages of One-Liner Advertisements for Companies

It is not just the push notification that customers receive about the raining discounts, but there are several others that help the businesses to attract consumers in various ways. Most importantly, the Customer Retention, no firms wants to lose their existing customer base and wants to preserve them in the long run. Losing will cost them a lot, primarily in profit turnovers, and the competitors might pull customers to their space. No company wants such an incident to become public; instead, they will treat their customers fairly and understand their needs.

Engagement Rate of the Users

Ideally, what happens when something creative pops up? Undoubtedly, the users with no hurry will look into their device to see what’s occurring. The users may click the link and boom gets a 60% discount on the available products. Also, the conversion rate tends to rise as the words shared are eye-catching. The notifications are very frequent nowadays, and the top one may work out to a greater extent.

Firms can Segment their Audience

To be effective in marketing, the user’s preferences should be identified so that the strategy can be designed to meet their needs. The firms should thank web push notifications as they can be split into various categories such as operating system, browser, location, and many others. The notifications are available when the customer agrees to get push notifications.

Additionally, there are options to adjust the content accordingly to the diverse versions of notification to several target audience. To clarify, the company has decided to run a campaign only for Chrome users located in Shanghai, China. Consequently, the marketing efforts may lead to massive traffic and customer satisfaction.

Up selling and Cross-selling

These concepts are crucial for organizations looking to scale up their businesses. It has been utilized in offline business and by executives working in call centers. What they do is, whether in the middle of a conversation or whenever they feel comfortable, just pitch about the techniques and hope for the best. Also, it has already been applied wherever it is suitable for business.

Similarly, what if these have arrived in the form of push notifications? Firstly, the creative one liner may always grab the attention of the users. Secondly, creative words along with the techniques (Up selling and Cross-selling) may surprise the customers to go forward with it.

The wow Factor

To a certain extent the creative one liner strategy might apply with the customers. The people are in their own world when they use their phone, and immediately the information is popping up, which makes them feel amazed or shocked for a moment. Moreover, the firm offers some hot deals that attract customers to take action on them. Obviously, they may look around and ensure it is useful or not. If it works for them, they engage with the content and move ahead. This strategy could also help enhance sales for the businesses.

All in all, as most spend their time in the digital space, the organizations have to opt for the one-liner strategy as an advantage and serve the customer’s needs.



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