Windsor Rolls Out Industry’s Highest Tonnage KL-2000 and KL-2300 Patented Two Platen Injection Moulding Machines, Made in India Absolutely

Windsor Rolls Out Industry’s Highest Tonnage KL-2000 and KL-2300 Patented Two Platen Injection Moulding Machines, Made in India Absolutely

On the 22nd June, 2023 Windsor launched the highest tonnage patented two platen Injection Moulding Machine in India amidst the who’s who of plastics processing industry in the country. With the expanding horizons of thermoplastic industry and demand for a bigger shot size plastic components in a limited space, there has been a rising demand to make higher tonnage machine and offer the customers more benefits and ease of operation. Innovation, just like change, is the only constant for us at Windsor Machines Ltd.

It was a gala function wherein we introduced KL2000 and KL2300 ton machines and this is sure to open up new vistas in manufacturing thermoplastic products. This will specially cater to bigger plastic components requirements in Automotive, White goods, Construction, Logistics and Dust Bins industry with a generous specification and a footprint akin to that of a clamp unit.


In the recent past, there has been a constant demand from customers for two platen technology in 1500 tonnage and above sizes of machines. With feature-rich and future-ready technology, by introducing KL-2000 and KL-2300, Windsor has initiated plugging the gap from 1600 to 3200 ton machines. KL-2000 and KL-2300 can deliver more without occupying extra space, and it’s easy to manufacture at competitive pricing standards eventually benefiting customers. Technology, by itself isn’t a magic. It’s the imagination that works wonders. Time and again Windsor has proved that.

Key highlights:

  • Higher reliability
  • Patented jaw clamping system
  • Generous specification with multiple benefits
  • Lubrication free short tie bars

Paradigms don’t shift overnight. It takes decades of innovation to drive change. With its proven technological prowess, both KL-2000 and KL-2300 ensure higher productivity wherein the machine footprint is reduced by 15-20% hence saving on the floor space and making room for installing more machines on the shop floor. And both these machines are surprisingly compact and reliably efficient.

The large distance between tie-bar and platen dimension of KL-2000 & 2300 enables universal utilities of different moulds and more versatility and high degree of flexibility. The optimized parts with documented element analysis help our customers achieve high strength to weight ratio, apart from ensuring lesser downtime in day-to-day operation. Currently the designing KL-2800 and KL-3200 machine are underway, which will further enhance the range for the two platen machines from 350 to 3200 ton.

Before we launched KL1600 In January 2023, the industry was mainly reliant on China for the heavy and big parts like clamp & injection castings, tie bars, cylinders, etc. For the past 60 years, Windsor was always in favour of developing parts locally benefitting the local industry. In the making of KL 1600, KL 2000 and KL 2300, Windsor has set the new standards of nurturing and developing the Indian MSME ecosystem to make all the parts in India. The biggest and the highest parts were manufactured by our proud business partners and thus paved way for others to follow and benefit the industry towards making “India Atmnirbhar”.

As forerunners of the plastics processing industry, we combine our legacy of top quality with the agility of responsiveness to build machines that are synonymous with trust. We are committed to consistently transform and reinvent ourselves and our capabilities. Over the past year, we have made significant investments and reinvented the way we operate. On the anvil is a model that would range from 350-3200 ton with a better price-to-performance ratio, improved reliability and optimum performance.

Meanwhile, Windsor continues to explore newer avenues of applications and developing sought after machines and technologies to stay ahead of the curve to benefit our customers.


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