Superior Lubrication for Energy-Efficiency in the Plastics Industry

Superior Lubrication for Energy-Efficiency in the Plastics Industry

  • India’s plastics industry is experiencing high demand and projected growth at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2022 to 2027
  • Businesses in the industry are focusing on maintaining equipment health and achieving profitability, productivity, performance, and efficiency
  • Mobil is forming rich partnerships with businesses in the sector to provide lubrication solutions and help them increase performance, productivity and profitability

India, a rapidly growing economy, is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in the demand for plastics across in various industries and across diverse forms. Plastics have become an indispensable part of modern life, finding applications in industries such as packaging, automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare and more. This escalating demand poses a unique challenge for businesses operating in the plastics industry as they strive to meet the needs of the market while ensuring sustainable growth.

The plastics industry in India has grown into a multimillion-dollar business, exhibiting impressive growth potential. According to market research, the industry is projected to achieve a significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% from 2022 to 2027. This growth is fuelled by factors such as rapid urbanization, population growth, increasing disposable incomes and the emergence of innovative plastic-based products and technologies.

To effectively address the challenge of meeting the burgeoning demand for plastics, businesses in the industry are placing increasing emphasis on achieving not only profitability but also productivity, performance, and efficiency. These factors are critical for companies to maintain a competitive edge, capitalize on the opportunities presented by the growing demand, and navigate the evolving market dynamics. Businesses are actively seeking ways to optimize their operations, streamline processes, enhance productivity, and deliver high quality products to meet customer expectations.

A key determinant of business efficiency lies in the performance of critical equipment utilized in the plastics industry. Businesses recognize the importance of ensuring the health and optimal functioning of their equipment to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. The performance of machinery and equipment, plays a vital role in the overall efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process.

As a result, informed decision-making in selecting the right lubricants plays a crucial role for businesses in the plastics industry. Lubricants are essential for maintaining the smooth operation of machinery and minimizing friction, heat generation and water. The choice of lubricants can significantly impact the performance, longevity, and reliability of equipment. Therefore, businesses are now seeking lubrication solutions with exceptional properties and also ones that offer longer oil drain intervals.

Opting for lubrication solutions with extended oil drain intervals brings several benefits to businesses in the plastics industry. Firstly, it reduces maintenance frequency, saving valuable time and resources. With longer intervals between oil changes, businesses can minimize production disruptions caused by maintenance activities, allowing for increased uptime and productivity. Secondly, extended oil drain intervals result in cost savings. Business can reduce the frequency of lubricant purchases, disposal costs, and labour expense associated with oil changes. Moreover, it also minimizes the environmental impact by reducing waste generation. Lastly, longer oil drain intervals contribute to the longevity and reliability of equipment, as frequent oil changes can lead to wear and tear, affecting the performance and lifespan of critical components.

Premium lubrication solutions and services emerge as a pivotal factor in enhancing business operations in the plastics industry. These solutions are specifically formulated to meet the demanding requirements of modern machinery used in plastics manufacturing. They offer superior lubrication performance, providing excellent wear protection, minimizing friction, controlling deposits, and ensuring optimal equipment efficiency. By utilizing high quality lubricants, companies can achieve smoother operations, reduced energy consumption, improved productivity and increased longevity of equipment components.

The adoption of best-in-class lubrication solutions goes beyond the choice of products. It requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses lubrication management , training, and technical support. Businesses are increasingly seeking partnerships with lubrication providers who can offer not only top quality products but also valuable expertise and support. Collaborating with a leading lubrication provider, such as, Mobil, can greatly benefit businesses in the plastics industry.

Solutions for advancing productivity

Subhalaxmi Pet, located in Jagatpur Industrial Estate of Cuttack, Odisha, is a manufacturer, exporter, and retailer of pet cans, pet bottles, pet jars, pet preforms, and pet rolls. With a diverse portfolio, the company manufactures all kinds of PET preform in various types of neck sizes. For its everyday operations, the company utilises several advanced precision equipment including an injection molding machine. For this machine, Subhalaxmi Pet has been using a market competitive 150 VG-68 grade hydraulic oil. While initially bringing positive results, over time, the use of this hydraulic oil resulted in frequent oil drain requirements, filter replacements, and faults in the hydraulic pump. Subsequently, it led to increased machine downtime, productivity loss, and higher maintenance man-hours.

Seeking expert opinion to overcome the challenge, Subhalaxmi Pet approached Mobils Field Engineering Services (FES) team. Following a thorough study of the application and maintenance practices, Mobil’s FES team recommended a switch to Mobil DTE 26 Ultra hydraulic oil for the injection molding machine. With this transition, over time, Subhalaxmi Pet was able to observe benefits in extended oil drain interval by three times which further reduced the frequency of oil changes and associated maintenance activities. The use of Mobil DTE 26 Ultra also resulted in extended lifespan for oil filters that minimised the need for frequent replacements. With enhanced equipment reliability and reduced downtime, Subhalaxmi Pet experienced increased productivity that optimised their manufacturing output. This also resulted in reduction in machine downtime by six hours, allowing for an incresed efficiency in operations.

By reducing the oil drain frequency, Subhalaxmi Pet also contained negative environmental fallouts by registering a decrease in oil usage by 804 litres. The enhanced equipment reliability and reduced maintenance needs led to a revenue improvement of INR 1,20,832 that optimised the overall operational costs. The successful implementation of Mobil DTE 26 Ultra hydraulic oil at Subhalaxmi Pet demonstrates the positive impact of utilising advanced lubrication solutions as developed by Mobil and how, Mobil is assisting businesses in overcoming operational challenges and adopting top notch lubrication practices. Mobil’s team of experts works closely with companies to understand their specific needs, assess equipment requirements, and develop customised lubrication programs. This collaboration ensures that businesses have access to the most suitable lubrication solutions that optimise equipment performance, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Leading lubrication innovation

Mobil DTE 26 Ultra hydraulic oil is part of the acclaimed Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils that are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils with extended oil life capabilities and have demonstrated up to 2 times longer oil drain intervals versus similar competitive oils.

They meet the stringent requirements of hydraulic systems using high pressure, high output pumps as well as other hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo-valves and numerically controlled (NC) machine tools. The products exhibit outstanding oxidation and thermal stability allowing long oil life and minimised deposit formation in harsh conditions and with severe hydraulic systems using high pressure, high output pumps. The keep clean performance protects critical hydraulic system components from malfunction, such as tight tolerance servo and proportional valves found in many modern hydraulic systems.

With customer experience at the centre of its brand ambition, Mobil is collaborating closely with industry leaders like Subhalaxmi Pet to help them achieve their productivity and energy-efficiency goals. This, in turn, is positively influencing the plastics industry to move towards more efficiency and sustainability in their operations. Bringing a legacy of over 150 years complemented by continuous R&D, Mobil remains committed to innovating lubrication services and supporting the sustainable growth of the plastics industry in India.



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