Tanium Continues Converge World Tour in Munich with Executives, Customers, and Partners Exploring New Autonomous Endpoint Management Capabilities

Tanium Continues Converge World Tour in Munich with Executives, Customers, and Partners Exploring New Autonomous Endpoint Management Capabilities

Tanium, the industry’s leading provider of Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), continues its Converge World Tour this week in Munich, Germany bringing together Tanium leaders, customers, product leaders, and partners to share their experiences and expertise in the evolving cybersecurity and IT Ops industry. Participants will learn about industry trends, hear inspiring use cases, and delve further into the Tanium XEM platform’s latest automation capabilities. Tanium’s presence in Germany has experienced continued growth largely driven by key partnerships with ServiceNowMicrosoftPwC, and Kyndryl, which make German businesses the safest globally to exchange digital information and minimize software vulnerabilities.

At Converge Munich, participants will gain insights from Tanium leaders as they demonstrate autonomous capabilities, highlight strategic partnerships, and provide a glimpse into Tanium’s innovative product roadmap. The conference will highlight global customers like JLL and AstraZeneca, who will share their stories about what’s possible with the power of the Tanium XEM platform.

“Throughout the Converge World Tour, we are taking every advantage of the opportunity to show customers around the world the latest innovations and autonomous capabilities of the Tanium XEM platform,” says Lars Christiansen, area vice president, sales leadership at Tanium. “As our community of customers expands across industries, we’re confident that the Tanium XEM platform will keep providing organizations the tools to eliminate siloes, mitigate risk, and reduce company costs.”

Tanium Automate

Attendees will have a chance to dive into Tanium Automate as Chief Technology Officer Matt Quinn and VP of AI Harman Kaur demonstrate how the no-code automation and orchestration workflow experience, available now in private preview, empowers IT and Security teams using Tanium Cloud to automate common tasks, be they simple or complex. Teams can create custom playbooks from the UI to minimize operational impact and automate repeatable tasks like patching, application deployments, vulnerability remediations, unused software license reclamation, among others. With the ability to orchestrate and chain together a series of Tanium Action Steps into logical, repeatable sequences, called playbooks, common tasks can run automatically or with user interaction and oversight.

Additional highlights of the Converge Munich event include:

  • Breakout labs diving into Vulnerabilities & Software Ingredients with Tanium SBOM and Comply.
  • CIONET CIO/CISO panels diving into the required capabilities for complex infrastructure programs featuring additional customers including SiemensN26, and MTU Aero Engines.
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers and thought leaders at an evening reception located at INFINITY Munich.

Tanium company leaders will share the stage with CIONET, leading community of senior digital and IT executives around the world, as they explore the benefits of Tanium XEM platform such as implementing GRC automation and improving capabilities for complex infrastructure programs.

“We are excited to bring the CIONET community together to further work with Tanium and understand how Autonomous Endpoint Management (AEM) and XEM can transform how endpoints are managed today,” says Mark Hayes, Managing Director, CIONET. “We are delighted to partner with Tanium in supporting German and Swiss businesses to build community and navigate their digital transformation and autonomous journeys.”

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