Scottish Sensor Technology Startup Novosound Targets Expansion in APAC

Scottish Sensor Technology Startup Novosound Targets Expansion in APAC

On the back of recent client wins with global energy giants in the Middle East and North America, Scottish sensor technology scale-up company Novosound is targeting expansion in the APAC region.

Novosound’s Ceilidh system, a wide area corrosion monitoring system for industrial groups seeking to improve the efficiency and safety of their assets, will be featured at the 20th World Conference for Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT) in Incheon, South Korea between 27th-30th May, hosted by the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing (KSNT).

The Ceilidh is a fully patented system for the monitoring of corrosion and solves a number of industry challenges including corrosion under composite-wraps. Novosound’s recent commercial wins in the international industrial sector follow previous contract wins with Atom Group (Greece), Uniper (UK), BAE Systems (UK), and GE Aviation (USA).

Novosound CEO and Founder Dave Hughes said: “The Ceilidh system represents a significant breakthrough in the field of non-destructive testing, addressing complex challenges and specifically tailored for industries where corrosion monitoring is absolutely critical.”

CEO Dave Hughes will also be meeting some of South Korea’s most high profile technology and electronics groups during the company’s visit to showcase its wireless wearable ultrasound system, the Slanj. The Slanj platform is currently being trialled with USA and European digital healthcare partners, utilising a pioneering technology which is able to look deeper into the body and enhance the monitoring of biometrics like blood pressure and dehydration compared to optical, magnetic, and electrical sensors.

Dave Hughes added: “We look forward to exploring potential collaborations across the industrial and digital health sectors during our forthcoming visit to South Korea, as we proudly carry the banner for Scottish innovation and its world-class capabilities.”

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